Some Background Information About Marc

I am a former board member of the Utah Gun Collectors Association and a champion pistol marksman.

I have been a collector of guns and related militaria for the last twenty years.

I have been a gun dealer and a gunsmith specializing in restoration of WW-I and WW-II military weapons for the last fifteen years.

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Before And After Pictures Of A Mod. 1896 (Broom-Handle) Mauser That Marc Restored.

Some Background Information About John

Hi- I'm John Spangler. I've been a collector and student of guns and military history for over 35 years. Although my main interest is U.S. military longarms 1795-1945, I have accumulated an extensive library and some knowledge about other subjects. I am a member of many gun or military history organizations, including the American Society of Arms Collectors, Society of American Bayonet Collectors, Remington Society of America, Winchester Arms Collectors Association, Garand Collectors Association, the [M1] Carbine Club, the Company of Military Historians, Ohio Gun Collectors, Utah Gun Collectors, Colorado Gun Collectors, and the Wyoming Weapons Collectors. As a member of these groups, I have had the opportunity to visit (and learn from) some of the best collector shows, museums, and libraries in the country. I was often in weapons related jobs during my 26 years as an officer in the US Navy. While never a "Champion" I was a competitive smallbore rifle shooter for about 8 years. I urge everyone to support shooting safety and marksmanship programs for kids. Lots of people helped me over the years, and I am glad to help others. How can we help you?

Less than 500 .45-70 "Officers Model" rifles were made. This rifle had seen hard use and abuse possibly even capture by hostile Indians. The stock was badly split and repaired. It was necessary to undo earlier repairs, restore structural integrity and return the stock to original configuration, without making the repairs look newer than the rest of the gun.
John was successful and the owner was delighted!

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