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Modern Hand Guns

**NEW ADDITION** SMF5526 - – 19753 - CZECH CZ-52 SEMI-AUTO 7.62 X 23 PISTOL WITH 1 MAGAZINE - Serial number D08966 made in 1954 by Ceskoslovenska Zborjovka. These are one of the most interesting of all the surplus military pistols. It is chambered for the 7.62 x 25mm Tokarev pistol cartridge, which is found either in lighter loads for pistol use, or much hotter loads for use in submachine guns. These were designed so that use of the SMG loads would not be a problem, and incorporate a roller locking system (similar to the old MG-42, and the HK-91, 93, MP-5 and P-9 pistol.)

These were the Czechoslovakian service pistols from their adoption in 1952 until the fall of the Soviet Union. Between 1952 and 1954 more than 150,000 were made with some estimated production figures being just under a quarter million. Once the Soviet Union fell the Czechs switched to the more modern double stack 9 x 18mm CZ-82 pistols, and eventually the CZ-52s were sold off in the surplus market. .)

The CZ-52 also uses a decocker safety. These military pistols feature either a parkerized finish or a gray oxide coating, while some CZ 52s were arsenal reblued in the 1970s. This one retains about 95% original gray phosphate finish. Mainly just holster wear. Excellent bore. Light “dot type” Century import marks on the right side of the slide but they blend in nicely. Comes with one magazine. Since this gun was made in 1954 it is C&R eligible. $325.00 (View Picture)

**HOLD** SMOF6319 - HAMDSOME PRE-WAR ENGRAVED FN BROWNING HIGH POWER WITH CAPTURE PAPERS! Serial number 44119 matching, with “capture papers” dated 11 November 1945 authorizing Capt. J.G McNeil to retain “One Browning Automatic Pistol Serial Number 44119 to possess the weapon and mail it back to the U.S.

This pistol has been very nicely engraved in a scroll pattern before being finished in blue. The engraving pattern is similar to that found on the beautiful “Renaissance” grade High Power pistols, but they are usually finished in a satin nickel, not blue. We do not know, and it can probably never be determined if this was engraved prior to Captain McNeil “liberating” it, or if he had a talented artisan in Germany engrave it after capture but before bringing it home.

Dates of manufacture for the early High Powers is difficult, but reportedly the Germans began production of the High Power in 1940 at about serial number 50,001, carrying on the previous FN serial numbers. That suggests that this one was probably made around 1938- 1940, plenty of time for civilian sale, engraving, and subsequent capture by some German solider with good taste. But many of the pre-war pistols were to fill military contracts, so this may have originally been used against the Nazis, captured and then taken by the Americans.

Overall condition is excellent with about 99% finish, and nice walnut grips. $1495.00 (View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION** SMOF6317 - GENERATION TWO GLOCK 17 WITH STAINLESS STEEL GUIDE ROD, TRIGGER AND ACTION JOB, SERIAL NUMBER TK150US Trijicon night sights (sights are two years old) and original bright bore. Trigger and action job included polishing all appropriate bearing surfaces and installing a 3.5 lb connector. Pull is still long, but smooth and the break is both controllable and repeatable. Also included are six (6) seventeen round magazines: one generation two Glock fully lined drop-free; two South Korean partially lined non drop-free; and three generation four Glock fully lined drop-free. Redhead brand soft two magazine belt pouch can be worn horizontal of vertical. One like new UpLULA loader included, too. (Yeah, I know, real men push that 17th round in with their thumb.) Also one LEFT HAND Blackhawk kydex paddle holster adjustable to any of three cants and using the Serpa retention system. You can be Rambo on a budget. $525.00 (View Picture)

SMOF6196 - S&W MODEL 1950 22-4 THUNDER RANCH IN 45 ACP SERIAL NUMBER TRR1186 Here it is! A fixed-sight big bore wheelgun in .45 ACP. The Thunder Ranch model revolver was (re) introduced in October of 2005. The 22-4 TR features a 4 inch round, tapered barrel with pinned half-moon service front sight, a square notch rear sight, 6- shot fluted cylinder, and a shrouded ejector rod. One retro feature is that the side plate on the right side of the frame is held in place with 4 screws. The barrel is marked "45 cal Model 1950" on the left side. It is built on a true square butt N frame, and features checkered Cocobolo grips, with a laser-cut Thunder Ranch logo. These style grips are what Smith & Wesson used to advertise as Magna Grips, and they are in flawless condition. This is an unfired specimen (except at the factory) displaying faint turn marks on the cylinder, as one would expect on a prized possession being shown very rarely. The revolver ships with full moon clips and a green canvas gun rug with an embroidered Thunder Ranch trademark. $850.00 (View Picture)

SMOF6194 - S&W MODEL 625-9 MOUNTAIN GUN IN 45 COLT LONG CALIBER. SERIAL NUMBER DBU2545 Mountain Guns are very popular with both shooters and collectors. They are a lighter, more compact version of a large revolver chambered in a powerful caliber. They are designed for use when weight matters for activities like hiking and backpacking. This offering has a 4 inch tapered barrel, chamfered cylinder, and is built on Smith and Wesson's round-butt N-frame. This revolver has a shortened underlug, and "Mountain Gun" etched on one side of the barrel; it also features adjustable rear sights. This gun was likely manufactured in 2001; it is in excellent (like new) condition and has never been fired (except at the factory). It comes with the original packaging. $1250.00 (View Picture)

SMOF3571 - GLOCK MODEL 22 CHAMBERED IN 40 S&W SERIAL NUMBER CML339US. Glock pistols feature an excellent combination of reliability and accuracy. Their high-tech engineering and construction create a handgun that can stand up to the punishment of even the most unforgiving conditions. The Glock pistol's Safe Action trigger system offers distinct benefits over conventional trigger systems, with increased smoothness and consistency. Glocks have almost 50% fewer components than conventional handguns of the same caliber. Glock handgun frames are made of a virtually indestructible synthetic that is stronger than steel, yet 86% lighter. Glock pistols can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 F to +158 F and still come out firing. Metal Glock components are finished with a unique surface treatment called Tenifer that makes those parts virtually as hard as a diamond and even more corrosion resistant than stainless steel. Glock handguns are designed with a natural grip angle that complements instinctive shooting. The ergonomic frame design features a bore axis and weight distribution that ensure a controlled shot, even under the most adverse conditions. The polymer frame gives a much softer recoil than that of conventional guns and the barrel has hammer-forged rifling for increased velocity and greater accuracy. Pistol is in excellent (like new) condition with a mirror bright bore. Comes with one Glock brand 10 round magazine. $495.00 (View Picture)

SMOF6025 - EXCELLENT COLT MODEL NEW SERVICE SERIAL NUMBER 347246 CALIBER 357 MAGNUM. Colt was in innovation leader in revolvers starting with the Paterson in 1836. They introduced the first double action revolver in 1877 and the first swing out cylinder revolver in 1889. The New Service revolver was next step. It was their large frame was chambered in everything from 38 caliber to 476 caliber. Colt made about 356,000 New Service revolvers, half for the U.S. army in 45 ACP.

The 357 magnum cartridge was first introduced by Smith and Wesson in 1935 and quickly became "The Cartridge" for hand gunners. Colt finally responded by chambering a small number of New Service revolvers in this caliber.

This pistol was manufactured in 357 magnum and the Colt factory letter confirms this. The pistol is in about 97% condition. The wood grips have a few minor dings. The frame came from the factory with hole for a lanyard loop. This was filled in with plug.

Though 356,000 New Service revolvers were made very few were made in this caliber. This pistol is in excellent condition. $2900.00 (View Picture)

SMOF6103 - EARLY 4 DIGIG SERIAL NUMBER THOMPSON CENTER .45 CALIBER “PATRIOT” SINGLE SHOT PERCUSSION PISTOL Serial number 4176 [right side of bbl by rear sight] These are very popular with shooters due to their accuracy, well shaped grip, excellent adjustable sights, and double set triggers. The blued barrel, color case hardened lockplate and brass trim makes these really nice looking guns as well. Shooters advise people to hold the gun in your hand when ramming the ball, not resting the butt on a bench which places a lot of stress on the stock and could lead to cracks or breaking.

K.W. Thompson and Warren Center formed the company bearing their names in 1965 and began making the popular “Contender” single shot pistol. In 1970 the expanded into making high quality, but affordable black powder muzzle loaders, but with designs that appeal to modern shooters rather than trying to imitate traditional designs (which seldom look right anyway). (You must print out and read the owners instruction manual from prior to firing.) This is a previously owned gun, with minimal signs of use, and is a nice item for the folks who collect Thompson Center products, as well as for someone looking for a potential shooter. Excellent bore. These are classified as ANTIQUE and no FFL is needed. $425.00 (View Picture)

SMOF6090 - SMITH & WESSON MODEL 28-2 HIGHWAY PATROLMAN IN 357 MAGNUM SERIAL NUMBER N227626, 6 INCH BARREL. The Model 28, also known as the Highway Patrolman, traces its heritage back to the Smith & Wesson Registered Magnum which morphed into the Model 27. In the late 1940s and the first part of the 1950s Smith and Wesson was the only American gun company manufacturing a .357 magnum revolver. Since this relatively deluxe model was the only revolver available for this cartridge at the time, police departments, as well as individual officers and private shooters, requested from Smith and Wesson a more strictly utilitarian .357 magnum revolver. S&W responded with the Highway Patrolman (later renamed the Model 28 in 1957). The manufacturing changes made for a more affordable revolver, though mechanically the Highway Patrolman is the same as the more ornate Model 27. A classic N frame revolver, the Highway Patrolman is blued, but does not have the high polish finish, saving labor costs. The top strap and frame rounds are bead blasted to achieve a matte appearance.

This is the earlier and more desirable version with a pinned barrel, it was manufacture between 1975 and 1977. The pistol is in Excellent condition with 98% original blue and an excellent bore. $795.00 (View Picture)

SMOF6089 - SSP-91 (SINGLE SHOT PISTOL MODEL 1991) IN 7MM- 08 REMINGTON, MAGNAPORTED WITH RED DOT SCOPE MADE FOR MAGNUM RESEARCH BY ORDNANCE TECHNOLOGY, INC Serial number MR4608. This fits into a narrow niche of single shot handguns, many for traditional rifle calibers that appeal to some people as innovative, powerful and exciting. Others look at them and wonder why anyone would want one. If these sound interesting, read on, and send us a check! Many people recognize these as a product of Magnum Research Corporation which made them from 1991 through 1993, but this is actually one made by Ord Tech in the brief transition period after Magnum Research bought the design, and is marked with both companies names.

American Gunsmith, January, 1999 reveals the following history of the design: The single shot Pistol of 1986 (SSP-86) was designed by John Foote and produced by Ordnance Technology of Stetson, Maine. It featured a rotary breech based on artillery principles in use through World War I. The SSP-86 was primitive when compared to its improved successors, and it functioned best with rimmed pistol cartridges. One of the sub- contractors on the SSP-86 was AGS Machining Co. Inc. of West Groton, Mass, headed by Alfred R. Straitiff, which made gun parts for several firearm companies. Straitiff and his son Rich thought that the SSP-86 had merit, but needed a total redesign in cocking, extraction, safety, and barrel interchange and came up with 38 improvements to the original design. Al Straitiff created Competitor Corporation, Inc. in 1988, and began production of the Competitor. He didn't need permission from Ordnance Tech, since that firm since that firm didn't buy the design from John Foote, and since rotary-breech-cannon concepts are in the public domain. Straitiff and his son filed for a patent on their improvements to the SSP-86 on April 3, 1990, and patent #5,105,569 was issued on April 21, 1992. Ordinance Technology continued to produce the SSP-86 through 1990, and freely borrowed some improvements from Competitor to build their SSP-91. Magnum Research Inc. Of Minneapolis sold the SSP-91 from 1991 through 1993. In 1994, Magnum Research introduced the Lone Eagle, an updated SSP-91. These firearms have a separate cocking lever on the left side of the grip, are barreled actions only (not interchangeable barrels), and do not have a safety blocking the firing pin. Although very similar externally, the Competitor and the Lone Eagle do not share parts or even all functions. They are totally separate firearms that resemble each other due to their SSP-86 ancestry.

Other handguns in the single shot niche would include the Remington XP-100, the Thompson Center Contender, the Ruger Hawkeye, and I think that Colt, S&W and even H&R made some single shot target pistols similar to the Hawkeye.

This has a 1.5 to 4.5 power red electronic “Micro Dot” scope by Oakshore Electronic Sights, Inc. with Weaver bases and rings, contemporary with the pistol so it is a complete package for a collector. We are not sure what 7mm/08 loads might be suitable for this and will leave that for the purchaser to discuss with his gunsmith or lawyer. A rare treasure for someone with exquisite (or perhaps eccentric) taste, or exploring a unique collecting niche! Used excellent- and the price includes the scope. $495.00 (View Picture)

SMOF5560 - 19787 - RUGER BLACKHAWK IN .357 MAGNUM, OLD MODEL 3 SCREW, 6.5” BARREL - Serial number 63425 made in 1965. A nice honest old used gun with just a bit of holster wear on the sides of the barrel and front of the cylinder, and sharp edges, so about 95% or more of the original finish remains. Excellent bore and mechanics. A very nice example of one of the early and desirable old model 3 screw Blackhawks in .357 Magnum caliber. $425.00 (View Picture)

SMOF5847 - - 22828 - GERMAN P-1 (P-38) 9MM SEMI AUTOMATIC PISTOL BY WALTHER Serial number 019853, made by Walther. The classic WW2 era German P-38 pistol was such a good design that it was adopted after WW2 for use by West German military forces as the P-1 and also for their police forces. The only change was the use of aluminum for the frame instead of steel, which reduces the weight slightly. This “P-1” is in used excellent condition, made in October, 1973 with the usual Walther commercial marks and proofs. Right side of slide is marked “C.A.I. GEORGIA VT/ GERMANY” to comply with federal law. Excellent plus bore and mechanics, and it looks like it has been fired very little. About 95% of the finish remains, anodized on the aluminum frame and phosphate on the remaining parts, with mainly holster wear on the sharp edges of the frame, and a few minor handling marks anywhere. Slide is electric penciled 853 to match the frame number. A good representative example of the classic Walther designed P-38 pistol which proved to be a reliable sidearm for the Wehrmacht during WW2, and again with the West German forces with NATO, finally being phased out in 2004. The P-38/P1 is unusual in that it has a single action/double action trigger design, so that the pistol can be carried with the hammer down, but fired by pulling the trigger, instead of having to carry cocked and locked as with the M1911. This also allows the operator to take immediate action in case of a misfire to simply pull the trigger to try again before having to rack the slide to try a new cartridge. We sell all guns as collectors items only, not as shooters, but a competent gunsmith would almost certainly confirm that this is a great pistol. This comes with one original Walther magazine complete with the NATO stock numbers marked on it. Sorry, we can not accept credit card payment for this item. $425.00 (View Picture)

**SOLD** SMOF5304 - SMITH AND WESSON PREWAR K22 TARGET PISTOL. SERIAL NUMBER 645361. The Smith and Wesson hand eject revolvers, first introduced to the U.S. and World market in 1896 are still in production. They are one of the most successful and respected revolvers in the world. In the 1930's S&W introduced 22 caliber with adjustable sights for target shooting built on the medium sized frame (the K frame). It was an immediate success and until the advent of the semi-automatic target pistols was the preferred pistol for target competition. It was also an immediate hit with sportmen who wanted a small caliber pistol for "plinking".

This pistol was made sometime in the early 1930's and did not see much use. The high polish bluing would rate at about 95% with just high edge and muzzle wear, and a turn line on the cylinder. The action is tight. The grips are correct with minimal wear. The K22 pistols are eagerly sought after by collectors and are still fun shooters. $1100.00 (View Picture)

SMF2032 - S&W MODEL 5906. S&W Model 5906. Smith and Wesson double action stainless steel 9 MM. Pistol is in very good to excellent condition with minor holster wear and some dings and dents on the black plastic grips. Comes with streamlined three dot sighting system, all stainless steel construction (slide and frame) and one high capacity magazine . $450.00 (View Picture)

Modern Long Guns

**HOLD** SMOF6316 - CUSTOM BUILT M1A SERIAL NUMBER 032287 created by using parts from a USGI M14 manufactured by Harrington & Richardson in 1964 married to a commercial semi-auto only receiver from Springfield Armory. All metal parts that are marked are marked either HRA or HR. Barrel date is 03 1964. Barrel is bright and sharp. Included is an excellent USGI walnut stock with circle P on grip and eagle-three star acceptance stamp on left flat. A few minor pressure dings on the stock from storage, but no cracks, splits or gouges. Trigger group pulls receiver tight against stock without shims or bedding. Handguard is early Vietnam era slotted fiberglass type. Metal finish is 99% except for gas cylinder, gas cylinder plug and gas cylinder lock which were manufactured of stainless steel and which show about 80% dark finish. Magazine is unmarked, steel, and holds 20 rounds. A commercial magazine holding five or ten rounds can be substituted, depending on where you live.

Rifle is set up with a dummy selector switch, period bayonet and sheath and period sling to appear as if it were an issue rifle early in the Vietnam War. The selector switch is attached to the stock and does not interface in any way with the receiver. The receiver is not machined for and will not accept any of the parts necessary to convert it to select fire. A business card will actually pass between the back of the dummy selector and the receiver when the stock is in place. This rifle is as close as you can get in appearance to a select fire M14 without the stunning cost and lengthy paperwork of an NFA registered select fire M14 (if you can even find one – there are very few). $1750.00 (View Picture)

SMOF6001 - 21088 - YUGOSLAVIAN MODEL 1924/47 8MM MAUSER SHORT RIFLE MADE BY KRAGUJEVAC ARSENAL- MITCHELLS’S MAUSERS “PREMIUM GRADE” Serial number ZH3933 matching on the receiver, bolt, and stock and floorplate. Left receiver rail marked PREDUZECE 44, one of the various names of the Kragujevac Arsenal. Arsenal refinished to as new condition. This is the “premium grade- the top level of rifles offered by Mitchell’s Mausers which has been the source of most (and the best) of the large number of Yugoslavian Mausers sold in the last 10 years. Their seemingly limitless supply is nearly exhausted now, and values are climbing on the Yugos as more people begin to appreciate the quality and value from the very modest prices of these rifles.

Prior to WW2 Yugoslavia had purchased a number of Model 1924 short rifles and a full set of machinery to make them from FN in Belgium. Then they made more rifles in their own Kragujevac Arsenal, later known as Factory 44 (PREDUZECE 44). The Model 1924 rifles had an “intermediate length” action about ¼ inch shorter than the standard Model 98 Mauser actions used in the Gew 98 and K98 series rifles, but were otherwise very similar to the K98k. During the post- WW2 rearming of Yugoslavian forces under Marshall Tito and the Communists virtually all old rifles on hand were refurbished, and remarked with the communist crest (two sheaves of wheat bordering a torch, with the commie star above) and given a new model designation. This rifle is one of the Model 1924 short rifles, upgraded to Model 24/47 configuration with the new markings, and totally refinished at that time.

About 99% of the finish remains, with just a few minor scratches. The arsenal refinished stock is a pleasing medium brown color with a nice oil finish. Import marked (of course) and the ZH3933 number marked on the receiver with the light dot punch process over the deeply stamped 3933. Comes with the “accessory pack consisting of a sling, cleaning pull through and ammo pouches. An extremely handsome and interesting variant of the classic 98 Mauser family. Collecting Yugoslavian Mauser variations would be a fun and inexpensive specialty. See Robert Ball’s superb “Mauser Military Rifles of the World” for more on any type of Mauser rifle, and the definitive North Cape book, “Serbian and Yugoslav Mauser Rifles” by Branko Bogdanovic, devoted exclusively to the Yugos. Mitchell’s price on these (luck of the draw as to what you will get) is now $499, but our price for the exact rifle shown is $450.00 (View Picture)

SMOF6101 - RUSSIAN MODEL 1891/30 MOSIN NAGANT RIFLE 7.632 X 54MMR CALIBER MADE AT TULA IN 1936 Serial number 232879 matching, including the bolt which has been “force matched” during an arsenal overhaul. Bore has strong rifling and the tops of the lands look smooth, but the grooves are dark and may or may not clean up. Stock has been nicely sanded to a very smooth finish. No import marks noted. Metal parts with about 95% blue finish, thinning a bit from normal wear and starting to dull or turn plum in places. Comes complete with the leather “dog collars” for the sling. A very nice example of a WW2 vintage Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30. $250.00 (View Picture)

**HOLD** SMOF5634 - - 20199 - MARLIN MODEL 25 MN BOLT ACTION RIFLE .22 WMR (.22 MAGNUM) CALIBER WITH SCOPE - Serial number 01292316. The Marlin Model 25MN was made from 1988 to 2003 and has a reputation for being an excellent, and very accurate rifle. It takes a 7 shot magazine (which is missing on this one). Rifle is equipped with iron sights as well as a Tasco 4 x 20 scope which fits in the grooved receiver. These were made with just the normal stained wood finish but a previous owner applied an attractive gray sandstone type coating which provides excellent grip, and seems to hold up nicely. There are a couple of tiny chips or scratches, but barely noticeable at all. Metal parts with 99% original blue finish, just a scratch on the side of the barrel by the front sight and some rust on the safety button. Overall excellent condition with excellent plus bore with Marlin “microgroove” rifling. $125.00 (View Picture)

SMOF5662 - - 20171 - SAVAGE MODEL 93R17 BOLT ACTION RIFLE .17HMR CALIBER- BLUE, SYNTHETIC STOCK - Serial number 0200993 with 7 shot magazine and factory installed Weaver scope bases. Barrel is a very handy 20.75 inches long. This is a previously owned gun, and except for a few minor, almost invisible, scrapes on the side of the stock this would pass for new. These have n excellent reputation for accuracy and the .17 HMR caliber is very popular, but the bore sure looks small, even compared to.22 caliber. Nice rifle for someone into the new fangled magic rifles with super small calibers and plastic stocks… Savage makes good guns that are reasonably priced, like this one. $150.00 (View Picture)

SMOF5677 - 20156 - CLASSIC WINCHESTER MODEL 94 CARBINE IN .30-30 CALIBER - Serial number 3869830 made around 1973. Nice quality gun, with walnut stocks, and excellent plus bore, probably fired very little. Metal parts (except receiver) retain bout 98-99% of the original blue finish. Receiver finish has flaked in a small area on both sides, leaving ugly bare metal spots and rust specks surrounded by blue. A few very minor stock blemishes from storage and handling, but nothing bad- just enough so you won’t be reluctant to take this out in the field. An excellent example of one of John M. Browning’s most famous designs, and the finish blemishes are reflected in the price. $395.00 (View Picture)

Modern Shotguns

SMOF6099 - MARLIN MODEL 120 MAGNUM 12 GAUGE 2 ¾ INCH OR 3 INCH PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN 26 INCH IMPROVED CYLINDER- VENT RIB Serial number A16648 with 26 inch vent rib barrel having the two bead style sights. Improved Cylinder choke. Metal is excellent plus with about 97-98% original blue finish with just a few traces of wear and field use dings. Excellent plus bore. The buttstock and forend have been replaced with wood from a similar model (except there is a small area at the top of the wrist against the receiver that had to be filled). The new wood has excellent cut checkering which provides a much better grip than the crappy pressed in checkering on the original wood. Good recoil pad. This model was made circa 1971-1985 and has a really slick action, and the uncommon ability to take either 2 ¾ inch or 3 inch 12 gauge shotshells. They even made some of these with 40 inch (!) barrels for Ducks Unlimited. A very reasonably priced gun that deserves to be put back in the field. $325.00 (View Picture)

SMOF5995 - 23023 - WINCHESTER MODEL 1897 12 GAUGE PUMP SHOTGUN- Serial number 876463 made in 1932 with 30 inch 12 gauge barrel, full choke, mirror bright bore. This is the takedown model, and the lockup is nice and tight, and mechanics are fine. This is a field used gun that has been well cared for. Screw heads are crisp and unbuggered. Barrel has about 80-85% original blue, but the magazine tube has about 40-50% due to handling wear, and the almost none on the receiver. Buttstock is one of the few we have seen that is NOT cracked at the rear of the receiver, and while the varnish finish is flaked and scraped, overall the wood is pretty nice except for one long shallow bruise on the right side as shown in the photos. Missing the buttplate, but does not seem to have been cut down, just a case of the hard rubber buttplate getting broken and lost. Repro buttplates are readily available, and somewhere I have several old originals, but no idea where they are, or I would install one.

This is one of John M. Browning’s classic designs, with more than a million Model 97s made before production ended in 1957. It was the first really successful pump action shotgun made, and improved over the less successful Model 1893 Winchester which had been designed for blackpowder loads and. The only other pumps prior to these were one designed by C.M. Spencer (the Civil War carbine inventor!) and Andrew Burgess, the latter using an awkward but functional arrangement where the entire pistol grip would slide back along the axis of the stock to work the action. The Burgess was only built 1893-1897 and finally bought out by Winchester. Spencer was a good inventor, but lousy businessman and his guns were made starting about 1879, but in 1890 he sold out to Francis Bannerman, the big surplus dealer, who continued to make them under the Bannerman name until about 1910.

This classic old shotgun is one of the key historic arms for collectors of American sporting arms, and many are still enjoyed by shooters today. (We sell all guns as collector items only and they must be approved by a competent gunsmith before firing.) With a little refinishing on the stock and a new buttplate this will be a much nicer looking gun. C&R FFL okay for this one. Sorry, we can not accept credit card payment for this item. $575.00 (View Picture)

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