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on your page. A Mosin Nagant Reference - A great reference site for everything related to the Mosin Nagant rifles. This site also has some of the best plans for many different stize and style of gun racks for handsome or utilitarian storage of longarms, and they sell kits for many of them. Highly recommended. - A wide variety of excellent quality reproduction Civil War era artillery ammunitoiin, inlcuding cutaway examples to show details of shells, etc. Interesting to review for info, even if not eager to buy one (yet).

American Society of Arms Collectors - Click on the "View Articles" button to see hundreds of articles from the ASAC Bulletin. These are very detailed and reflect the research and expertise of the member of this elite group of advanced collectors. Most highly recommended, but it will take weeks to read them all, so make a schedule or list to keep track as you work through them.

Antique Arms, Inc - Brent Wilburn down in Georgia has a n ice variety of antiqe arms and militaria.

Antique Firearms, Cowboy, Collectibles, Revolutionary, Civil & Indian War (  - Nice site for "serious collectors" heavy emphasis on antiques and curios & relics.  Mainly auction sales of many items, but posted prices for some others.  Items listed from many dealers under the guidance of Rob Robles. Rob is a good guy as are most of the dealers there.

Antique Gun - Dave Prawdzik is a reputable dealer in high quality antique arms, with good taste and a thourough knkowledge of all types of antique arms. Highly recommended. An outstanding site loaded with FREE great info to help identify all sorts of swords, polearms, oddball foreign knives and clubs, etc with photos and descriptions and excellent bibliography. Willing to research your items FOR A FEE. - Kull's Old Town Station auction site. (Formerly associated with Jim Supica, S&W expert, all around good guy and now head of the NRA Museum). A project of your friends here at Loaded with good reference information for collectors. Advanced studies of special topics, etc. Links to gun collector groups by region (state) and by specialty. A truly great site, we modestly proclaim!

Arms Heritage Magazine - Along with Man at Arms, these are two essential magazine for today's gun collectors. Arms Heritage is unique in that it is a DIGITAL ONLY magazine, although you can print a copy out if you want to. Contributors include some of the top collectors and authors and the whole think is in color, and provides links ot many advertisers and references. Highly recommended!

Argghhh!!! John Donovan's military blog with lots of gun and militaryhistory posts. John is a good customer of ours, and has a great collection and knowledge. Good guy.

Atlanta Cutlery- Current production knives, swords, etc, including regulation US Military models (Officers, USMC, etc) and also reproduction Civil Way Navy cutlasses.

Baltimore Gun Show - Absolutely the BEST GUN SHOW IN THE COUNTRY. This is a once a year even in mid-March by the Maryland Arms Collectors where you will find a wonderful assortment of top qulaity collector arms. NO post-1898 handguns allowed. Great displays too. Meet the guys who write your best gun books. Well worth the trip from anywhere, including many who come from Europe.

Bannerman Castle Trust- Dedicated to the preservation of what little remains of this historic bastion of the glory days of military surplus goods offered by Francis Bannerman.  Interesting photos and invitation to support their efforts. Focus is on nostalgia and architecture of the structure, not the fascinating details of the contents.

Banzai! - This is a treasure trove for collectors of Japanese rifles, pistols and militaria (other than swords), Excellent articles, reference tables, links etc for this popular collecting field.

Bayonet Collectors Network-  for collectors of SG 84/98 Mod.III Bayonets, German Militaria, Imperial, Weimar, and other German Era Bayonets and edged weapons.

The Bayonet Connection - All kinds of bayonets offered by Shawn Gibson. Fine gentleman, highly recommended.

Bayonets of Scandanavia - Excellent site devoted to Scandinavian bayonets but with lots of other good info (e.g- Brown Bess).

Bruce N. Canfield -  Noted author's site to order books.  His U.S. Infantry Weapons of WW2 and U.S. InfantryWeapons of the First World War are essential references for any serious U.S. military collector.

Cannons on Line - All kinds of reproduction muzzle loading cannon barrels and carriages. Lots of good links and a classified section for that sort of stuff.

Carbines for Collectors- Wonderful summary of information on various carbines (not rifles) of Mauser, Mosin-Nagant, SKS and many other foreign types.  Great for identification and history of these interesting and often affordable collector arms.

Chestnut Ridge Supply - U.S. and foreign military surplus parts, stock finishes and related info.  Has detailed photos to identify M1 carbine buttplate makers that are big enough to be useful, only place I have found these.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) - Formerly Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM). Info on how to buy M1 and some other items direct from govt.  These are the folks struggling to keep the art of marksmanship alive both on the competitive level and to provide a basis to meet military needs.  Frequent target of anti-gun zealots.

Civil War Guns Interesting site with info on Civil War small arms and artillery, much related to actual shooting of thes items, and the North-South Skirmish Association. Tired of reading about military history and want to actually live some of it? Check it out. They even have a 6 day Civil War Summer Camp for kids 15 and older (including much older)   that includes participation in a reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.  The even offer "Homework Help" on Civil War topics.

Classic Firearms Co.(UK)-  Great place for UK collectors with emphasis on military arms or all types and related items. Interesting links to get started in reseraching UK military topics.

Collectibles Insurance Agency - Highly recommended source for insurance for your gun or militaria collection. Good rates, excellent coverage options, and prompt settlement of claims.  Marc and John both insure their collections and business inventory with this firm, and we think you deserve the best too.  In our opinion better than NRA coverage.  (Note: Not currently available in California due to their unique requirements. If you like guns, you should be moving anyway and escape from la-la land.)

Collectors Armoury & Militaria- Nice Australian site with extensive offering of items, also fake plastic pistols, real guns that have been welded to be inoperable, all the sort of nonsense that the anti-gunners would like to impose on U.S. arms collectors. They didn't think it would happen in Australia either!

Colorado Gun Collectors Association -Their annual May gun show is the BESST DISPLAY show in the country, even better than Baltimore. The sales part of the Denver show is second only to Baltimore in terms of selection and variety. Heavy emphasis on Sharps and western, but a little bit of everything turns up. Plan to visit this one and swing up to Yellowstone National Park, and the COdy Firearms Museum in Cody, WY.

Colt Automatic Pistols Home Page - Everything collectors would ever wanted to know about M1903 (.32 ACP and .380 ACP) and M1908 (.25 ACP) colt pistols, the whole .45 ACP family, etc.  Sam Lisker generously shares his thoroughly researched info with  you.  This is collector stuff, not shooter oriented.

Colt Collectors Association - Well established group that every person who collects Colt firearms of any era should join.

Colt "Factory Letters"-  A tremendous service for collectors and a huge money-maker for Colt. (Ruger makes guns that are just as good quality, and provides free factory letters.)

Culver's Shooting Page- A real first class operation loaded with information for serious competitive shooters, with emphasis on service rifles.  Excellent forum pages for discussions on shooter and collector topics.  Most highly recommended.

John C. Denner Co. Well known Canadian dealer in arms, bayonets, and books.  Highly recommended.

Dixie Gun Works - Well known supplier of black powder guns, parts, supplies. Parts often very poor quality, but sometimes you get desperate. Sample of parts catalog and most of their antique arms catalog are on line.

Dunlap Woodcrafts  Makers of the finest quality reproduction gunstocks for antique military rifles and carbines. They also make forend pieces to "stretch" stocks which have been cut off. Many available M1795 flint through trapdoor with nearly every type of Civil War era gun. Nice wood, superb work, but still requiring some skills to properly finish inletting and stain/finish. Prices vary but about $275 per long stock, $150 for carbines.

Firearms Thinker - Bill Schwab is a northeastern Pennsylvania gun writer who has been a gunsmith, reloader, store gun show dealer, collector, and even a Remington employee. His main interest is in 20th century sporting arms, and his site has all sorts of articles and insights. Check it out.

Flare Gun Forum- A great site with guys who know about this popular, but poorly documented collector field.  The most respected name in the antique arms business. He wrote the book that the rest of us refer to constantly.  Always an interesting variety of items in his 118 catalogs dating back to 1952, and now available on his new web site. Norm Flayderman died in May, 2013, but his family continues the business. - Ian McCollum's great site with a ton of really good articles, videos, etc on all sorts of weapons from artillery to matchlocks and assault rifles. Poke around to visit all the different areas.

Fort Douglas (Utah) Military Museum-  Excellent place to visit for highlights of an Army post established n 1862 and serving int he Indian Wars through Desert Storm.  (John is webmaster for this one.)

Freedom Arms - Makers of very high quality, collectable handguns.

G-43 Collector Site (Claus Espeholts) - Excellent reference site with info on the German G-43 and G-41 rifles, also some on the MP44, Tokarev, and links to similar type sites for this highly collectible field.

Garand Collectors Association-  Great group of serious collectors with a superb newsletter and interesting meetings.  Highly recommended group with lots of friendly, helpful people.

Garry Fellers-  Great guy with wonderful selection of iron sights, scopes and scope mounts. 

Gopstein's Gun, Sword & Militaria Book , Priceguide & Bibliography (For Computers) - - Great bibliography of gun related books, also edged weapons and other militaria for sale. - An auction site for those who like such things. - An auction site for those who like such things.

Gun Owners of America- Pro-gun activist group. "The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington." Check their alerts and analysis of pending legislation.  They waste a lot of effort maligning the NRA when they should be fighting the anti-gunners, but they stil have some good points.

Gun Parts Corp - The best and biggest place to look for gun parts  Impressive on-line parts catalog.  Good service.  Pretty good operation that has been in business for decades (formerly Numrich Gun parts).

High Standard Collectors Association-  Lot of info on all arms made by this maker.

Historic Arms Resource Centre - Excellent site from the U.K. with lots of info on military small bore trainign rifles and other topics.

Historical Parts & Militaria - Run by W. Darren Weaver, author of the superb "Hitler's Garands" study of the G43 and related items. Great site if  interested in those topics.

Horst Held- Antique Handguns - Loaded with a real variety of unusual antique (and some post 1898) handguns. Excellent photos let you appreciate some of the guns you probably will never see in person.

International Ammunition Association-  Superb illustrated glossary of ammunition terms and collectors' guide. Forum to discuss ammuntion collecting topics (NOT reloading orshooting stuff). Index to past items in their Journal.  Covers everything from prmitive paper cartridges to the most modern stuff, tiny rimfires to artillery ammunition.  Most highly recommended.

IDSA Books- one of the largest mail order seller of new gun and military related books.  Highly recommended.
IDSA Books, PO Box 1457, Piqua, OH  45356  (937)773-4203 - Highly reputable dealer who operates in both Canda and the U.S. offering a broad range of items including many military items, plus ammo, etc. Good guy, good stuff, good staff.

Johnson 1941 Rifle Page - Jim Pullen's superbly researched and detailed information on the least documented U.S. military rifle of the 20th century.  Should be in print as well as on the web.  Every gun owner must visit this site regularly.  Daily summary of all gun related news stories (and full archives) and excellent archives of examples of lawful self defense with guns.  No compromise "attitude" sometimes annoying, but freedom is not easy to keep.  Dedicated to U.S. military bolt action rifles with lots of detailed info on the M1903 series (1903A1, A2, A3, A4, Mark I) as well as Krag and Model 1917s. Forum on these topics as well. Another great site from your firends here at

Man at Arms - Premier periodical for arms collectors.  Nice selection of past articles, books they publish, links.  Recommended.

Mannlicher-Schoenauer Collectors Association- Classy site devoted to this fine rifle.

Matini-Henry Page-  Loaded with good info about these interesting old rifles, their acccessories, ammuniton, etc.  Many great links to related topics.

Merriam Press- An impressive operation providing hard copy and digital copies of books, manuals, documents primarily related to WW2 history. Innovative ideas and eclectic mix of good stuff.

Military and Civilian Rifles - I'm not sure who does this site, and the organization is a bit chaotic, but it is loaded with info and photos a hundreds of different guns with collector interest. Go check it out and poke around, it will be well worth your time, and you can spend a lot of time with neat stuff you never expected to look for.

Military Books - Out of print and used books on military history and some firearms offered by Richard Williams of Washington, DC..

Military Rifles in the Age of Transition-  Exceptionally useful site loaded with info on powder, metallic cartridge military rifles (1865-1888).  Well researched info (usually only found scattered peicemeal in obscure books) and photos to identify most models fromthis period.  Info on parts, ammo, and some items for sale too.  Keith Doyon deserves special thanks for this great site.

Military/Info Publishing- Fantastic source for photocopies of all sorts of obscure and out of print US military manuals and a few military books.  On line catalog.  If you need a manual for information, not as a disply item, this is the place to go!  Be patient, they take a while to deliver but it is worth the wait.

Model  If you like U.S.military .45 autos this is the place for you.  Great photos and details to check originality of pistols.  Also has WW2 Ithaca shipping records and can provide "factor letter" on these guns. Highly recommended.

Mosin-Nagant Page -  Loaded with great info on these rifles including input from ALL the top researchers on the subject.  Excellent reference source.

Naval Weapons - "NAVWEAPS" click on the "Naval Weapons" block and that will open up a list of countries with tons of great info on Naval Weapons from the 1880s to the present, listed by country. This is a superb reference for heavy ordnance collectors to help ID what guns go with what ammunition. Highly recommended.

Neil Gutterman (  Well known, reputable dealer who specializes in high grade pieces, including a lot of U.S. military arms and accoutrements.  Good guy who really knows his stuff.  Highly recommended.

Nick Daily- M1 Carbine Parts only.  Nice guy, knows his parts and fair prices.  No web site.  Phone (970)204-4420 or email:

Nicolaus Associates- Great source for top quality reprints of scarce manuals, blueprints, visual training aids, scorebooks and other printed materials related to U.S. military small arms. You will be surprised what they have.

Non-Firing Drill & Training Rifles - Malcolm MacPheson's great site filled with info (see the "detail links" tab) on U.S. and foreign military and civilian drill or training rifles, including fencing muskets. Most of this information simply cannot be found elsewhere. A very interesting collecting niche, and perhaps one that residents of the tyrannical states will be reduced to when then can no longer own "real" guns. Mac also provides a FREE download of his book on the subject. We owe this gentleman a debt of thanks for his generosity sharing this information.

Non-U.S. Black Powder Metallic Cartridge Military Rifles The Rifles of the "Age of Transition" (1865-1888) Very comprehensive and nicely done by Keith Doyon.  Great collecting field with lots of variety.  Good links to related sites.

North-South Skirmish Association - Well established large group of clubs who enjoy shooting original and reproduction Civil War rifles, pistols, carbines and cannons in competition.  Good links to find local units (all east of the Mississippi).  Many links to other Civil War sites and living history topics.  Everyone should visit their "shoots" in May and October near Winchester, VA and take some kids to expose them to Civil War history.

Norwegian Military Small Arms and Blades - Covers from about 1604 to World War 2. Great info not available elsewhere.

NRA (National Rifle Association) - Check "news" files to keep up with events on national or state level. We urge you to join NRA today!  Also sources of information on shooting competition, firearms safety, the NRA Museum, etc. NOT RECOMMENDED- Nothing but a trash site loaded with endless popups. We are NOT related to this site in any way, we are

"Old Western Scrounger" - Excellent source for hard to find or obsolete ammunition, with catalog on line

Precision Gunstocks  - Makers of very nice quality reproduction stocks for Winchester, Marllin, Stevens, Remington and Colt rifles.  This is where we would go if we needed one.

Proxibid Firearms Auctions - A great way to browse and search many of the well known, and some less well known auction houses offering firearms and related items, and to securely bid on items.

Remington Society of America-  Website of this great group, dedicated to "all things Remington." Everyone interested in Remingtons should join this outfit for their superb quarterly Journal.  Website is great too..

Replica Percussion Revolver Collector's Association-  An interesting field with great variety and still affordable prices, and still exempt from FFL requirements.  Lots of info on this emerging field.

Ron Peterson Firearms - One of the top dealers in antique and collectible arms in the country. Good stuff, good prices, and good guy. Highly recommended.

Russian Revolvers 1850-1950 - An excellent site with info on Russian pistols before the revolver, The Russian Colts, The Lefauchieux, The Galand, The Smith & Wesson № 3, The Nagant 1895 .

S&S Firearms-   Superb source of original and high quality repro parts I have used for years. Only "Military Americana" items basically Charleville thru Krag with excellent selection of books and also accoutrements, etc of interest to reenactors and shooters.

S.P. Fjestad's Blue Book of Gun Values - You can order one of the most popular guides to gun values. Good on modern stuff, but Flayderman's is better for older items.

SARCO Inc. .- One of the bigger surplus dealers. Many parts listed. Read descriptions carefully as they sell some repro stuff as well, often including markings found on originals. While the original seller may honestly describe it, later sellers may not be as careful, so it is good to check out their offerings..

Scott A. Duff Publications and Historic Martial Arms -  Scott is the noted author and expert on the M1 Garand.  Besides his books, also offers good assortment of U.S. military arms and related items.  John has known Scott for years and rates him as one of the most ethical dealers in the business today.  Highly recommended site.

SELL Antique Arms - Steve Evans and Linda Lasseter are highly respected dealers in the antique arms world with a huge selection of quality items. Only part of their vast inventory is listed on their website, but check it out and if you don't see it, give them a call to see if they have something you are looking for. Visit their store in Salt Lake City if you have the chance.

Shotgun News - Subscription info for publication loaded with ads.. Many collectors subscribe to see all the latest ads from dealers and other collectors. Some like Gun List better, but Shotgun News has more wholesale ads.

Shotguns-(high grade)-  This is a sepcialized field we do not know much about.  We recommend you contact one of the following dealers who specialize in high grade shotguns.:
     Jacquay's Fine Guns, 900 E. Bigelow Ave, Findlay, OH  45480 (419) 422-0912
     Cherry's Fine Guns, 3402A West Wendover Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27407 (336) 854-4182
     Hallowell & Co. Fine Sporting Guns, P.O. Box 1445, Livingston, MT, 59047 (406) 222-4770

Simpson Ltd. Collector Firearms - Well known Galesburg, IL show with great selection of stuff in all categories and price ranges. Specialists in Lugers.

Single Action Shooting Society - An international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™. SASS® endorses regional matches conducted by affiliated clubs, stages END of TRAIL®, THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING, promulgates rules, procedures to ensure safety, consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting matches.

Small Arms Review- Absolutely the best source of info on collectible and currently used machine guns and submachine guns, and also legal matters related to them. Their printed magazine is great, and web site is loaded with good solid info on the subject. Editor Dan Shea is well known and highly respected among the class 3 world. They also publish a number of excellent MG/SMG books.

Society of American Bayonet Collectors (SABC) - Great organization for anyone interested in bayonets, especially those made or used in America.  Annual meeting in conjunction with "Baltimore" show wonderful opportunity to meet leading authorities and see some really interesting examples. Site has details on correct terms for bayonet parts, proper measurement techniquesn and forum for discussing bayonet topics.

Soviet Military Awards Page-  Loaded with info on nearly all the Soviet medals, awards, orders, decorations and similar items.  Plenty of photos to help ID all the Russky stuff that is appearing on the market now.  Good links for other Russian/military related sites.  Also items for sale. Very well done.

Springfield Armory National Historic Site - National Park Service info on their great museum and many other attractions in area. Lots of special programs, speakers, etc. Plan your vacation pilgrimage now! Web site includes schedule of special events; tours of the collection not on display; some manufacturing dates & serial number info; on line info about many collection items and archives they hold.

Springfield Sporters - Absolutely great place for surplus parts for most types of military arms. They went out of business for about a year (founder died and inheritance problems tied everything up) but they are back now with an incredible inventory of stuff.

Swedish Military Rifles - Focused mainly on the Swedish Mauser rifles, this also covers their rolling blocks and some other Scandinavian arms (Luxembourg Mauser and and oddball early Olaf Krag breechloader.

Swiss Rifles-  Everything you would ever want to know about Swiss cartridge rifles (VETTERLI, Schmidt-Rubin, SIG, etc) related ammunition, bayonets, disassembly, etc. Exceptionally well done and worth checking out just to see how informative a site can be.

Sword Restoration Services - Tom Nardi can straighten guards, rewrap grips and replace the grip wires. Site has an excellent guide to sword values (U.S. military types) and a link to a very helpful photo guide to ID swords.

Swords of the United States - Preserving the history of Antique American Swords. Extremely well done with loads of information and superbly detailed photos.

Tapaderas Winchesters- Great source for high quality reproduction screws for just about all the old Winchester models, also some other parts. Also dealers in collectible Winchesters.

The Rifle Shoppe - Source for a wonderful variety of antique gun restoratin parts, as well as kits for accurate replicas of historic arms, mainly muzzle loaders and early cartridge arms. However, due to their small size and wide selection, sometimes there is a considerable wait, but well worth it.

Thierry Duguet, Engraver- A true master whose work I have closely examined and admired for at least 25 years. Check out the photos of his work.  None better.  Highly recommended for the most demanding client.  Everyone should look at his site to appreciate the magnificant artistry which can be done on firearms.

Thunder Ranch-  Probably the finest shooting facility available to the public, comparable to the best military and law enforcement facilities but more innovative and fun.  A highly respected professional operation, with most offerings oriented to law enforcement, military, or serious self defense people.  Recently added offerings for collectors/historians/authors focusing on pre-1900 weaponry (Cowboy type stuff) and old rilfes (any old military or civilian rifle pre-1950) for serious work with older arms and techniques.  Great site and reminder that all this hardware was made for serious work, not just for collectors to fondle. Check out the "Thunder Ranch Articles" for excellent advice that may save your life in a variety of tactical situations (like defending your home, or for concealed carry permit holders).

Track of the Wolf - Primarily catering to the blackpowder replica market, but with high grade kits and parts and very accurate copies. They are also suppliers of many parts for restoration of antique arms, generaly very high quality, not Dixie junk.

Trapdoor Collector - Great site by Al Frasca, author of the best books on the subject.  Full description, photos, details of standard and experimental versions from 1865 to 1890.  Discussion board on trapdoors, stuff for sale,  Highly recommended.

U.S. Military Knives- Frank Trzaska's site is LOADED with info on U.S. military knives, bayonets, machetes, etc. He has a superb selection of reprints of historic documents that are a tremendous benefit to collectors. Probably the best site going on this subject, highly recommended.

Utah Gun Collectors Association- Great site featuring photos of displays from their gun shows, and of members shooting various collector guns.  Links to most other gun collector groups.

The Vest Pocket Pistol Collector-  Excellent site with detailed history and completely disassembled parts photos of wide variety of pocket semi-autos.  Text is in both German and in English (click on "text E" for English).  Listed on archive page as a very long file alphabetically by country.  Excellent resource to identify pistols and their dates of manufacture, and what missing/broken parts should look like. - The Collector's Edge - SABC member Ralph Cobb's bayonet reference web site offers a bayonet identification guide with photos, a bayonet history timeline, an online bayonet reference library, articles, and more. Probably the best bayonet site we have seen. On Facebook, follow Ralph's collecting and site updates at

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