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# 15472 - Husqvarna DOM
steven from canada

husqvarna - bolt action rife - 30-06 - ?? - Blue - 184113 -

it has Sweden markings on it one is nito 26 with crown on top would like to know how old it is

steven, I was unable to find any serial number information on Husqvarna rifles. The following information is from Wikipedia, it may be helpful for you to make a rough estimate of your rifle's date of manufacture: Husqvarna civilian firearms - the first medium caliber bolt action rifles used the same action as the Swedish Army's Mauser m/96. This type was manufactured from 1927 to 1942 circa, known as the Model 46 and mostly chambered in 6.5◊55mm, 9.3◊57mm and 9.3◊62mm from early 1939 Husqvarna started purchasing Mauser M98 actions from the Belgian company FN, labeling the rifles Model 146, 246 and 640. Though the M98 was a strong and well proven action, it was not an ideal situation for Husqvarna to be depending on one of its worst competitors for such a key component. An independent bolt action design was introduced in 1953 as the 1600-series, which was available in several European and American chamberings, including 9.3◊62mm, .270, 30-06; 8◊57mm, 6.5◊55mm, and others. It was a small ring Mauser-like design advertised as the "HVA Improved Mauser Action". In 1969 they discontinued the HVA action in favor of a cheaper to produce push-feed design, called the 8000. They ceased manufacturing all firearms in 1972. With the army order for the Ak 4 the company was able to find the funding to re-tool the workshop to produce a newly developed bolt action, marketed in 1967 as the 1900-series and continued by FFV well into the 1980s. Husqvarna also built a limited number of an elegant double rifle in caliber 9.3x74R, the model 410. Hope this helps, Marc

# 15379 - Lefever Shotgun Value

Lefever - 12guage - Blue -

Goose flying on one side What is my gun worth it`s 50 years plus

Dominic- Sorry, we just donít do enough with shotguns to help with that one. Lefevers are generally good guns, but were made in many variations and grades, each with different values, and of course condition is a huge factor. John Spangler

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