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# 14393 - Unknown Beretta
Dave, Marietta, Ohio

Beretta - Brevettata - 7.65 - Blue - 431748 -

Gardone V.T. 1957-XV Anchor with RM stamped over Anchor. Have holster which also has snaps with anchor's on them. Do you have any history or know where I could get more information on this gun and what the value might be?

Sorry Dave, Brevettata is not a model of Beretta handgun that is I have ever heard of and it is not listed in any of my reference books. Without knowing the model, there is not much that I can tell you except that most post war .32 caliber Berettas that I see for sale at gunshows are going in the $350 range. Try the Beretta forum at Marc

# 14385 - Savage Parts Source
Paul, Herriman, Utah

Savage - 1899 - 30 - 24 ? - Blue - 246141 -

This gun is a take-down model and I cannot find a forearm for the rifle so I can finish re-doing it. Do you know where I could possibly get a new one or a Used one that I could refurbish. I would also be interested in a new stock

Paul, we specialize in old military firearms we don't do allot with Savage sporting rifles. For parts, we advise people to try checking with Gun Parts Corp (the old Numrich Arms people) at the following URL:

Gun Parts Corp has just about everything. If that doesn't work, try posting it on our free "Wanted" page at the following URL:

Hope this helps. Marc

# 14245 - Mark Cheney Muzzle Loading Rifle
James Bluefield Va

50 Caliber - 30 - Blue -

The gun is black powder all it has on it is Cheney 50 and the numbers 421 What is the make of the gun? Is the gun old ?What is the value?

James- I am about 95% certain your rifle was made by Mark Cheney in Bountiful, Utah. He has been making muzzle loaders for a number of years and does very nice work, and they are enjoyed by owners all over the country. Here is a link to a forum where he posted and you may be able to contact him directly via that. John Spangler

# 14221 - EM-GE Or EMGE Blank, Gas And Flare Gun
Jeff, Las Vegas, NV

Gerstenberger Eberwein - Unknown - Unknown: Made To Fire Blanks, Flares 3 3/4'' Barrel - Blue - NONE LISTED -

A round `brass? shield with the letters ''EMGE'' on both sides of the grip. Only markings on the entire gun are the words `PATENT` on the left side of the barrel and `GERMANY` on the right side of the barrel. It looks as if it takes a sliding magazine underneath the barrel opening. I was wondering what you could tell me about this firearm. I think it is WWII vintage and in good to excellent condition. I was also wondering where I could acquire ammunition to fire it and also am curious as to whether or not it should be attempted to fire at all. Thanks so much.

Jeff- Moritz & Gerstenberger operated in Zella Mehlis, Germany, and made a variety of blank firing guns, and other products including spring or air guns sold under the names Herkules, Krone and Zenit.

Moritz and Gerstenberger began their partnership in 1922 or 1923, and received a patent for their “signal” pistol in 1926. They continued in business until at least 1939 and used the maker code “ghk” for German military production during WW2, although it is unclear what they produced.

As far as ammunition, it probably was made for .22 caliber cartridges, but I am not certain about that. Frankly, I would not attempt to shoot it at all. If you insisted on it, .22 blanks are not hard to find, but finding .22 caliber tear gas or flare cartridges would be difficult to impossible. Hope that helps. John Spangler

# 14372 - Winchester 100 Value

Winchester - M100 - 308 - 22 - Blue -

What's around about value

Gordon, over 262,000 Winchester Model 100 rifles were made between 1961 and 1973, since you did not furnish a serial number, I can not tell you when your rifle was manufactured. Model 100 rifles had 22 inch barrels and checkered pistol grip stocks before 1964, the stock checkering was changed to an impressed basket weave pattern after 1964. Carbines had 19 inch barrels with a plane pistol grip stock that had a front barrel band. Model 100 carbines were produced from 1967 to 1973. There was a recall on Winchester Model 100's a few years back years ago. When I sent my Model 100 in, the work was done absolutely free, Winchester paid all costs for repairs and shipping. If you have not had the work done, I would advise that you contact Winchester and see if their recall program for the Model 100 is still active. Values for Winchester Model 100 rifles in the blue book range from around $200 to over $500 depending on condition. Marc

# 14389 - Worthington Arms Shotgun
Robert Williamson New York

Worthington Arms - Unknown - 12 Ga - Don't Know - 353400 -

This gun belonged to my father. I don't know anything about it other than he had it when he was a teenager about the 1920`. I would like to have some information on it.

Robert, Worthington Arms Co. is a trade name used by the H&D Folsom Arms Co. on various types of firearms. Folsom was a large distributor of single and double barrel shotguns produced by Crescent Firearms Co., which Folsom owned. Folsom eventually sold out to Savage Arms Co. Worthington Arms Co. guns were made for George Worthington Co. of Cleveland, Ohio. There is not allot of interest in this type of shotgun, I would expect to see one offered for sale at a gunshow in the $100 or less range. Marc

# 14220 - William Moore & Company Pistol
Cory, Kalispell, MT

Wm Moore & Co - Unknown - Looks Approx. 30cal (Ball) - 12'' - Blue - NOT STAMPED -

This is a pistol I inherited from my Great Grandfather. What I know about it isn't much but it a dueling style cap and ball pre - 900 the grip has a diamond shaped inlay on the grip, (no checkering) with a brass for-end and octagon barrel. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Just wondering if there is much value and should be stored in a gun/fire safe or displayed in my den.

Cory- It is great to see a gun like this stay in the family where it is appreciated. William Moore & Company is a name frequently encountered on cheap shotguns believed to have been sold by (and likely made by) H.D. Folsom in the late 1800s. There was also a William Moore & Company in England 1854-1873, which evolved from William Moore and William Grey, and reverted to William Moore & Grey afterwards. I suspect your pistol is from this William Moore & Company, not the Folsom related shotgun outfit. If so, there should be English proof marks, usually a pair of similar looking small marks with a crown over crossed sticks probably having a number underneath. The dates 1854-1873 are a good match for a single shot percussion pistol of fairly good quality, even though the muzzle loading era was about over by 1873.

I would expect to find guns similar to what I envision yours to be at a gun show priced around $300-$500 but not attracting a lot of buyers as that is a less appealing collector category. Hope that helps. John Spangler

# 14213 - Trapdoor Springfield Harpoon Gun
Joe, Olathe, Kansas

US Springfield - 1873 - 13'' - Blue - 12108 -

I have come across a Springfield model 1873 (serial# 12108) that has been outfitted as a harpoon rifle. The barrel measures only 13'' and appears to be original. It appears to be in an original case complete with wooden shafts and brass/bronze harpoon heads. After researching various places, I can find no information pertaining to this unique firearm. Any guidance would be appreciated. I would like to learn more about the history of this item. It appears similar to a trap door line thrower but has no marking to indicate it was made for that purpose.

Joe- I have never heard of a harpoon gun made from a trapdoor, and at first thought you might be referring to a line-thrower, but then you indicated you already knew about those. In all my years of hanging around I don’t recall ever seeing mention of a harpoon gun, so they are probably pretty scarce. I am not sure if a collector looking for one would be more or less scarce to encounter. This item would also appeal to people who collect nautical or whaling artifacts, perhaps even more so than to a “gun collector” so figuring the value would be hard to do.

Sounds cool anyway. John Spangler

# 14397 - Is There A Question Here?

Unknown - Unknown - 20 Gauge - 25 - Blue - UNKNOWN -

I hve owned this shotgun for 50 years, I don`t know the make or model, but it is a bolt action with an adjustable choke

Sorry, my crystal ball is not working today. I don't see a question here and with the information that you have provided, the only thing that I can tell you is that bolt action shotguns are not popular. Vales are usually in the $50 range. Marc

# 14392 - Marlin 25N Information.
Andy, Carver, MA

Marlin - 25N - 22L - Blue - 05481935 -

Tried suing your search program for a manufactured date but it keeps telling me no info. I just want a date it was made. Thank you

Andy, try the Marlin forum at Hope this helps Marc

# 14382 - German WWII Police PPK

Walther - PPK - 32 - Blue - 315XXXK -

Eagle over N on right side of slide and barrel and eagle over C on left side behind trigger. I would like to know the approximate manufacture date and the meaning of the eagle over N & over C

Steve, your PPK is a German wartime production police issue pistol and my references indicate that it was manufactured in 1941. Approximately 150,000 PPK pistols were procured for the German Military, Police, and NSDAP between the 1935 and April, 1945. The first PPK pistols manufactured shared the same serial number range with PP pistols. Soon after production reached one million, a new serial number series was initiated, which began with 100000. Thereafter, blocks of numbers allocated to PPK production were followed by the letter K as yours is.

The eagle over 'N' marking is a German commercial test proof that was set forth in the German National Proof Law of 7 June 1939, which became effective 1 April 1940. 'N' was the abbreviation for Nitro, meaning smokeless Powder.

The eagle/C marking is a German WWII vintage police acceptance stamp, these were located on the left side of the frame to the rear of the trigger. Hope this helps, Marc

# 14211 - Starr Double Action Revolver
Rob Hobart, Grayslake, IL.

Starr - Double Action - 44 Cal Or 36 Cal - Unsure - Rusty - 11929 -

None Can you please tell me what was the year of manufacture with a serial 3 11929 ? It has the shorter barrel, but I am unsure of its length. Is it pre civil war ? Thanks very much.

Rob- Sorry, without actually handling the gun we cannot tell you much about this one. John Spangler

# 14197 - VAUD And Shield Marked Musket

Pre-Civil War - ???? - Appears To Be 58 Cal - 28'' - Don't Know -

Shield Symbol by the Hammer Has V A U D on the side and the number 995 and the bayonet has same 995 number... I've researched the web and have seen similar guns between 1840 to 1850`s... can't figure out what kind of gun it is and what it might be very good conditions and no missing or broken parts?

Dave- Sorry, that is not one that I recognize at all. John Spangler

# 14364 - 22 Marvel
Patricia Dumas, Tx

The 22 Marvel - Don't Know - 15643 -

I am trying to find out when the rifle was made. I came across it when I was cleaning out my parents home after they passed.

Patricia, Marvel is one of the brand names used by Stevens on their "Crack Shot No. 16" rifle which was made from 1900 to 1913. (The other names were "the .22 Spencer" and "The Keystone"). The Sears Roebuck catalog of 1900 priced both the Stevens model and the Keystone at $3.00 each. Value today depends on condition, and most have been heavily used. Figure about $150 in NRA antique Very good condition or $400 in NRA antique excellent for the Stevens marked examples. The oddball brands although scarcer probably won't bring as much. These .22 rolling block rifles are typical of dozens of models made by many manufacturers circa 1890-1940 to satisfy the huge demand by parents and youngsters eager to enjoy the fun and responsibility of owning a real gun and learning to use it safely. People interested in collecting these neat old rifles can find all the information they need in Jim Perkins' wonderful book "American Boys' Rifles 1890-1945." Marc

# 14350 - Page Lewis Parts
Tim Corbin, Ky. U.S.A.

Page Lewis Arms Company - 50 - 22 - 24'' - Blue - N/A -

Springfield Jr. Wondering if complete bolt would still be available, if so, through who? Thanks Tim Moore

Tim, the Page-Lewis Arms Company set up business in 1921 in the old Stevens Duryea automobile plant in Chicopee Falls Mass. employing about 150 workers. Company officers were the president, Irving H. Page; the vice-president, general manager and designer George S. Lewis of East Springfield; and the treasurer Charles H. Leonard of Chicopee Falls; all were experienced gun makers. The first shipment of Page-Lewis rifles left the factory in July, 1921 but sales were not good and the first year the company just about broke even. In 1923 To increase sales Page-Lewis introduced a small bolt action .22 single-shot rifle design. The new design was quite popular and helped to increase sales. On August 6 of the following year Irving Page died suddenly of a heart attack. Without Page's leadership the company went quickly downhill. Page Lewis was purchased by J. Stevens Arms Company in 1926.

We do not have the parts that you need. Recommend you check with Gun Parts Corp (the old Numrich Arms people) at the following URL:

Gun Parts Corp has just about everything. If that doesn't work, try posting it on our free "Wanted" page at the following URL:

Hope this helps. Marc

# 14185 - Federal Laboratories “Tear Gas Billy” Club/gun
Kyle, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Federal Laboratories - 12 gauge - About 8 inches - Don't Know -

FEDERAL LABRATORIES INC. PITTSBURGH PA. is marked on the breech end This is a 1925 federal labs. tear gas Billy club. Am I still able to purchase tear gas cartridges for it?

Kyle- These used a cartridge similar to a 12 Gauge shotshell case, but filled with tear gas. This would fit in the breech of the gun, but the forward section was only about .32 caliber, so while a hole that size worked okay to expel tear gas, it would not work with any sort of solid (or shot) projectile. These tear gas cartridges are scarce collector items and one recently sold for about $75 on one of the auction sites. For people wanting to see learn about the club itself, check the one Ken McPheeters had for sale at Hope that helps. John Spangler

# 14184 - Arrizabalaga, Eibar, Spain
Billy Gunter Houston Texas USA

Arrizabalaga - Black Powder - 50 - 32 - Blue - NONE -

Illian Arrizabalaga Fibar 1870 Any information on this gun would be appreciated.

Billy- Calixto Arrizabalaga was a Spanish gun maker who worked in Eibar, the traditional center for gun makers in Spain. Although I do not have exact dates, his sons, working as “Hijos de Josse Arrizabalaga” operated from 1915 to 1937 when the Spanish Civil War put them out of business. This generation of the family seems to have specialized in sporting arms, and also semi-auto pistols under the “Terrible” brand and revolvers under the Esmit name. My guess would be that Illian was another step back in the family tree, as gunmaking has traditionally been a craft handed down in a family, such as the three generations of the Browning family. I have no information specifically on this gun. John Spangler

# 14353 - Commemorative Winchester In Wrong Box?
Joe, Peck, Michigan

Winchester - Model 94 - 30-30 - 20'' - Don't Know - 4439329 -

Has a big medal man on horse with American flag behind him on the stock. It also has a wooden box with information about the Calgary on the inside of lid I was wondering if you knew anything about this gun. The serial says it was made in 1976, however I am unable to find name, edition, worth or anything. I would appreciate any help on where to look, or if you might have any information on it. Thank you for your time.

Joe, I am not a big commemorative fan and I almost never willingly purchase them. Since I don't handle commemoratives, I am probably not the best source for information on this subject.

The information that I found (as always offered with a full money back guarantee) is that the Calgary Stampede Commemorative, Winchester Model 94, was offered in .32 Winchester Special caliber, not 30-30 which you indicate that your rifle is. The caliber and the fact that Calgary Stampede Commemorative serial numbers all start with `CS` makes me wonder if your Winchester has been put in a different box than it originally came from the factory in.

Calgary Stampede Commemoratives were manufactured in 1981 only and only released in Canada. This model is one of the more rare '94 commemoratives, it was a limited edition of 1000 to celebrate the great rodeo and frontier days. The Calgary Stampede Commemorative came with an engraved pewter plated receiver, high polish blue, XXX wood, "CS" brand in stock, 16" round barrel and oak presentation case. Marc

# 14348 - Sporterized M1917
Jamey, White House, TN

Remington - 1917 - 30-06 - 21 Inches - Blue - 527824 -

I have a U.S. Model of 1917 Remington 30-06 with Redfield mounts and an old looking (but great shape) Weaver single power (low) scope. The gun is in really good shape, have hunted several times with it. I was wondering what a gun like this is worth.

Jamey, your M1917 has been modified or `sporterized`. In the process of sporterization, a military rifle is reworked for hunting use. The most common modifications are changing or modifying the stock and handguards to look more like a hunting rifle. Parts of the stock are often cut off and the stock is sanded and refinished. Receivers are drilled and tapped for a scope like yours has been. Sights are replaced or simply cut off. Sometimes the barrel is shortened, swapped out or re-chambered to a new caliber.

Needless to say, sporterizing an old military rifle destroys any value it might have had as a collector. My guess without seeing your rifle is that value would fall in the $300 or less range. If the rifle were in original condition value could be as much as $1000 or more. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Marc

# 14189 - Hollis & Sons Muzzle Loading Rifle
South Frica

Hollis & Son 0093 - 1800''s??? - 0093 - 860m - Other - WR18278 -

my husband has a muzzle loading rifle, he would like to know what is the value of it?? as he is the only one in South Africa with such rifle & did the ravel come out in the 1800`s?? queen Vitoria's days??

Issac Hollis & Son made guns in Birmingham, England, from about 1870 to 1900 with other family member in the trade prior to and after that era. Since Queen Victoria reigned from 24 May 1819 – 22 January 1901, all of the Isaac Hollis & Son production would be considered Victorian era. I am sure that a lot of their guns ended up in the British colonies around the world. That is about all I can tell you about this one. John Spangler

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