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We buy daggers, swords, knifes, bayonets, uniforms, flags, medals, belts, buckles and other collectable militaria. We also buy gun parts, gun and military related books, gun related tools, firearms produced prior to 1898 and other gun items. If you have any antique or collectable military or gun items that you want to sell, click-here  to e-mail us.

Note please list the items that you have for sale, describe the condition and include your asking price.

If you receive a response to your "Wanted" posting, be careful about who you do business with. Some scam artists send generic replies to every wanted posting they can find on line and ask for personal information, and bank or Western Union money transfers of money. One such response reads:

Hello. How are you doing,This is douglas simpton  from spain  ,I came across your advert to buy,,i am writing you to let you know i still have it for sale,once i know your interested i will send you some digital photos of the item ,plus condition and description,and also my final price,,i need a serious buyer  and i do accept bank transfer or western union money transfer,my money will be in my possesion before i will handover it to my shipping agent ,and get it ship to you,the name of my shipping agent is rocket ship shipping company and if interested you need to provide me with your home address,telephone number so i can be able to know the shipping cost to your doorstep you,you can ring me +3447024039098 hope to talk to you soon.


Iver Johnson Model X bolt assembly

Want antique muzzleloading rifles and pistols by any of these makers: M. Alber, Wilson Baker, J. Beggs, A. C. Boas, G. Bovee, J. B. Bowen, W. M. Bynum, E. Cashell, R. Chambers, C. Closson, Wm. Collins, E. Conklin, J. Coulthard, J. Darby, J. Delahunt, A. Delap, J. Dillon, B. Dixon, J. G. Duffey, B. F. Dunn, L. Dunning, C. Eaton, H. B. Evans, R. Fitzpatrick, F. Fizane, A. J. Forbes, L. Garner, J. B. Gilmore, R. Golden, J. B. Goodlad, J. Gorman, A. Graen, C. Griffith, J. Grimes, G. Hawken, A. Heid, B. M. Hendon, M. B. Hendry, J. W. Hoy, L. Hoffman, T. J. Hossley, J. H. Hughes, G. Hurry, J. M. Hutson, W. W. Kennedy, J. F. Kerr, L. B. Kipp, R. Kirkpatrick, J. P. Krecker, T. Landers, P. LeGrand, R. Leonard, J. Lennex, S. D. Lewis, R. H. McCollum, J. A. McGill, J. C. Martin, B. Meeker, L. B. Moore, T. Moose, H. G. Newcomb, S. Odell, T. Piper, J. Power, J. M. Ramey, W. Reynolds, A. Richter, J. Riddell, O. R. Rowland, A. S. Russell, J. A. Schaffer, I. Shunk, C. Starbaker, G. B. Tucker, A. Wiygul(or Wiggle), J. Winkler, R. J. Wigley, A. Woodruff, P. Worter, H. Xoufrey and W. Yeates.

Roth-Steyr 1907 stripper clip and 8mm ammunition. Vintage or repro German 7.63 Mauser ammo boxes.

A clean WW2 1911A1 slide assy w/ sights.

I am looking for complete bolt extractor for savage model 3 single shot 22 cal.bolt action rifle.

Thank you. Looking for side plate for Astra 900 broomhandle.

I`m looking for a Winchester 1894 30-30 pre - 964 rifle in ``good`` condition, not a collectable but a ``shooter``. I have a valid C&R license. Thanks and a Happy New Year. Noel Anderson

Need M84 parts. Mainly turret caps, rear window and sunshades. Please contact me at my email address.

complete bolt/extracter for a savage model 3 single shot bolt action rifle

Parts for the double sized M16 classroom training rifle . Charging handle and bipod, ammo. Anything,thanks Peter

K98 and Czech VZ 24 project guns (broken stock but otherwise complete). Also Siamese Mauser Model 66 ammunition or brass.


Webley MK VI Manufactured between 1915 and 1919 (Not Webley-Enfield, Manufactured between 1922 and 1935) in original .455 caliber (Not altered to .45 caliber) I would like all matching serial numbers and all original parts. Normal wear and tear is expected, but no corrosion, chipped grips, or poor bores, etc.)

Period correct stock & butt plate for a Winchester model 70 standard grade 22 Hornet made around 1950 , that don`t cost an arm & leg .

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