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We buy daggers, swords, knifes, bayonets, uniforms, flags, medals, belts, buckles and other collectable militaria. We also buy gun parts, gun and military related books, gun related tools, firearms produced prior to 1898 and other gun items. If you have any antique or collectable military or gun items that you want to sell, click-here  to e-mail us.

Note please list the items that you have for sale, describe the condition and include your asking price.

If you receive a response to your "Wanted" posting, be careful about who you do business with. Some scam artists send generic replies to every wanted posting they can find on line and ask for personal information, and bank or Western Union money transfers of money. One such response reads:

Hello. How are you doing,This is douglas simpton  from spain  ,I came across your advert to buy,,i am writing you to let you know i still have it for sale,once i know your interested i will send you some digital photos of the item ,plus condition and description,and also my final price,,i need a serious buyer  and i do accept bank transfer or western union money transfer,my money will be in my possesion before i will handover it to my shipping agent ,and get it ship to you,the name of my shipping agent is rocket ship shipping company and if interested you need to provide me with your home address,telephone number so i can be able to know the shipping cost to your doorstep you,you can ring me +3447024039098 hope to talk to you soon.


Looking for 38 caliber rimfire long have ethan allen drop breech rifle need ammo for display with rifle

Looking for a Winchester Barrel. Winchester model 1886 45-90, 26`` long, Octagon Barrel.

I`m seeking the center pin that holds the cylinder in line on a revolver marked THE BRITISH CONSTABULARY. It has a 3 in. barrel and caliper measures .35 in barrel and .36 in rifling groove. Will chamber a 38 short but shaves lead off bullet so it must be swaged down to 35 or 36 caliber.

A complete swivel ramrod assembly for an Ames M1842 Navy pistol or a junker gun for parts.

Looking for a ``back sight`` (as the British call it) for a 12-pounder Whitworth cannon. If you don`t have a sight, but have a clear photo or drawing of one, I`ll take that instead. Contact me at JD@MORRIS.VG (Please note that there is no .com or .net after the VG)

Looking for full or partial boxes of WRACO smokeless in 40-82, orange box and 40-70

Looking for a cyl. pin lock and a trigger return spring for a Kerr revolver , Civil War era !

Remington UMC Model 1911 Slide

I an looking pistol grips for Suhl 1883

Looking for a firing pin mauser m71 1871 single shot

Want antique muzzleloading rifles and pistols by any of these makers: M. Alber, W. Baker, A. C. Boas, J. B. Bowen, W. M. Bynum, E. Cashell, R. Chambers, C. Closson, W. Collins, E. Conklin, J. Coulthard, J. Darby, J. Delahunt, A. Delap, J. Dillon, B. Dixon, J. G. Duffey, B. F. Dunn, L. Dunning, C. Eaton, H. B. Evans, R. Fitzpatrick, F. Fizane, A. J. Forbes, L. Garner, J. B. Gilmore, R. Golden, J. B. Goodlad, J. Gorman, A. Graen, C. Griffith, J. Grimes, G. Hawken, A. Heid, B. M. Hendon, M. B. Hendry, J. W. Hoy, L. Hoffman, T. J. Hossley, J. H. Hughes, G. Hurry, J. M. Hutson, W. W. Kennedy, J. F. Kerr, L. B. Kipp, R. Kirkpatrick, J. P. Krecker, T. Landers, P. LeGrand, R. Leonard, J. Lennex, S. D. Lewis, R. H. McCollum, J. A. McGill, J. C. Martin, B. Meeker, L. B. Moore, T. Moose, H. G. Newcomb, S. Odell, T. Piper, J. Power, J. M. Ramey, W. Reynolds, A. Richter, J. Riddell, O. R. Rowland, A. S. Russell, J. A. Schaffer, I. Shunk, C. Starbaker, G. B. Tucker, A. Wiygul(or Wiggle), J. Winkler, R. J. Wigley, A. Woodruff, P. Worter, H. Xoufrey and W. Yeates.

Need parts for Mossberg 151M .22 auto. Inner magazine tube, complete. Forestock wood and metal attachment thereto. Would consider junker (broken stock, ruined barrel etc). tnx Husker plinker

Czech Alois Tomiska Model Little Tom Semi-Automatic Pistol--25 caliber I am looking for a magazine clip for this gun--do you know where I can find one?

Looking for early Colt double diamond grips to finish a project as well as horizontal PH barrel. Need Springfield 1914 - 917 11 row grips and correct marked sear disconnect and mag release and any other S marked parts. Thank you for reading and thank you even more for helping me out if you have pets to sell!

Want antique muzzleloading rifles and pistols by any of these makers: W. Barefield, M. Bell, W. M. Beller, E. Blackman, Z. Blackman, F. Blanchard, S. H. Bosier, S. M. Brockaway, B. Brooks, A. Cailler, C. Chauffeux, T. Combacher, E. Cox, B. Dallier, I. Darod, S. Davy, M. Elder, A. Finck, H. Florent, C. H. Fuglar, J. B. Gillmore, L. Griffille, R. P. Hamelton, J. Hammond, G. Hildren, S. Holmes, J. H. Hughes, T. M. Hughes, H. Jourdan, E. Juge, A. Junelin, J. Kauffman, G. Koehler, M. Lafitte, J. Lage, H. Latil, L. A. Latil, G. Latour, W. A. Lucas, A. Maury, H. McCoy, J. F. Merritt, M. Miller, C. O’Riley, J. Pugh, F. Philips, J. Poisson, D. Probst, E. Richoux, A. Richtor, Z. Robillard, H. Rochon, E. Saucier, D. Searles, F. Seecher, J. H. Segurs, G. Signens, J. Skinner, H. Slay, C. Souter, B. F. Stanley, J. M. Tessier, P. J. Theil, G. Tremere and J. S. Vay

Looking for a bolt for a german WW1 TankGewehr 1918 13mm antitank rifle.. Also need the rear sight (i believe it is a modified Mg08 - 5 rear sight). I will take any bolt, in any shape, complete or not. Thanks!

The heat shield and bayonet lug to restore a model 97 trench gun. I am interested in original only-no reproductions

I am looking for a bolt assembly, or a bolt and receiver with trigger assembly for a German M71 Mauser (single shot). Please advise condition and asking price.

Krag model 1901 rear sight elevator bar (slide) or any part of one.

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