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We buy daggers, swords, knifes, bayonets, uniforms, flags, medals, belts, buckles and other collectable militaria. We also buy gun parts, gun and military related books, gun related tools, firearms produced prior to 1898 and other gun items. If you have any antique or collectable military or gun items that you want to sell, click-here  to e-mail us.

Note please list the items that you have for sale, describe the condition and include your asking price.

If you receive a response to your "Wanted" posting, be careful about who you do business with. Some scam artists send generic replies to every wanted posting they can find on line and ask for personal information, and bank or Western Union money transfers of money. One such response reads:

Hello. How are you doing,This is douglas simpton  from spain  ,I came across your advert to buy,,i am writing you to let you know i still have it for sale,once i know your interested i will send you some digital photos of the item ,plus condition and description,and also my final price,,i need a serious buyer  and i do accept bank transfer or western union money transfer,my money will be in my possesion before i will handover it to my shipping agent ,and get it ship to you,the name of my shipping agent is rocket ship shipping company and if interested you need to provide me with your home address,telephone number so i can be able to know the shipping cost to your doorstep you,you can ring me +3447024039098 hope to talk to you soon.


S&W, Model of 1891 Single Shot Pistol Parts, Target barrel latches, complete or parts, sight blades for windage or elevation, screws, target grips, barrels or barrel parts, ie extractors, etc, any small parts for this type of tip-up Smith and Wesson, spur trigger inserts.

Sharps Pepperbox. Barrel

Beretta 380 model 86 with flip-up barrel in good condition.

Pebody martini carbine sold in US any condition remington new army revolver conversion military any condition

Side Screw for Pacific Rear peep sight on US Krag 30-40 rifle.

Barrel extension for 1930s Broomhandle .30 cal Mauser Pistol. Pretty much, any condition will be OK. Thanks

I am looking for 22/410 from 1970s or older. I am not a collector, I wanted to replace a gun my Dad taught me to shoot, and he gave me before he passed away in 1981. The gun was stolen when I was 18 and I just want to replace (anything similar) I do not know what brand it was

Looking for a Cobray Pocket Pal

I have a 1948 K1 1671 M44. I need the complete Bayonette and mounting hard ware that will fit this gun.

WANTED REWARD-Any Beauvais Firearms ,rifles or pistols made by R. Beauvais( aka Reno Beauvais,Renaud Beauvais sometimes engraved along with Union Rifle Company or J. Beauvais) in St Louis ,Missouri in the 1850`s era Top,top dollar paid.

I need an ORIGINAL tumbler and sear for a BELGIAN SEA SERVICE FLINTLOCK PISTOL. I can also use a main and sear spring for the same. Parts must be in good useable condition. Send scan of the parts and price. If you don`t have these parts, do not contact me. No overseas transactions.

I am a collector of Winchester 22 cal. rifles, pumps,autos,bolts, and I hold a FFL - C@R permit. Thanks

I am looking for a U.S. Marine Corp swagger stick, from the 60`s or 70`s era. Thank you, Jeff Vercher

Socket bayonet for 1863 Sharps rifle. Made by C & C Company

Want antique muzzleloading rifles and pistols by any of these makers: W. Barefield, M. Bell, W. M. Beller, E. Blackman, Z. Blackman, F. Blanchard, S. H. Bosier, S. M. Brockaway, B. Brooks, A. Cailler, C. Chauffeux, T. Combacher, E. Cox, B. Dallier, I. Darod, S. Davy, M. Elder, A. Finck, H. Florent, C. H. Fuglar, J. B. Gillmore, L. Griffille, R. P. Hamelton, J. Hammond, G. Hildren, S. Holmes, J. H. Hughes, T. M. Hughes, H. Jourdan, E. Juge, A. Junelin, J. Kauffman, G. Koehler, M. Lafitte, J. Lage, H. Latil, L. A. Latil, G. Latour, W. A. Lucas, A. Maury, H. McCoy, J. F. Merritt, M. Miller, C. O’Riley, J. Pugh, F. Philips, J. Poisson, D. Probst, E. Richoux, A. Richtor, Z. Robillard, H. Rochon, E. Saucier, D. Searles, F. Seecher, J. H. Segurs, G. Signens, J. Skinner, H. Slay, C. Souter, B. F. Stanley, J. M. Tessier, P. J. Theil, G. Tremere and J. S. Vay.

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