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Collectible Antique Handguns (pre-1899)

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**NEW ADDITION** 21732 REPLICA COLT 1860 ARMY .44 CALIBER PERCUSION REVOLVER - Serial number 88828 made in Italy by Armi San Marco as their “Hartford Model” which was a bit nicer quality than the run of the mill Italian repros. Excellent plus condition with about 99% original finish, showing just a few tiny almost unnoticeable scratches. This is the “four screw” model with cuts on the recoil shield for attaching a shoulder stock for cavalry use as a “pistol-carbine.” Bubba managed to lose one of the “fourth screws” on the right side of the frame that helps position the shoulder stock but that is totally unrelated to normal functioning of the gun, and easily replaced for about $5. A very handsome example of one of the most widely used and effective sidearms of the Civil War, and most popular shooters in the last 50 years since replica black powder revolvers entered the market in time for the Civil War centennial. Almost as nice quality as the Colt branded “second generation” replicas but a whole lot less expensive. This is great for someone wanting a representative Civil War revolver for display, or for a shooter (black powder only!- read and follow safety instructions first!) or living history use. These are considered to be ANTIQUES under federal law and no FFL is needed, but a few place run by idiots may have their own restrictions. $285.00 (View Picture)

**NEW ADDITION** 21101 CUTE LITTLE FRENCH(?) FLINTLOCK POCKET PISTOL CIRCA 1760-1810- NICE! - Iron mounted with silver wire inlay decorations behind the barrel tang. The .58 caliber smoothbore barrel is about 3 3/8” long and overall length is about 7 ½ inches. The tiny(!) lockplate is only 2 7/8” long. Very well made and finished, but not elaborately decorated, just the tasteful wire inlay work. Totally unmarked, but these diminutive pocket pistols were almost unique to France, although possibly this is a copy made somewhere else which did not use proofmarks (or made “under the table” without them to avoid paying taxes or fees). Excellent condition with pleasing dull steel gray finish on all parts with just minor age toning and a bit of staining. Excellent bore, and good mechanics. 100% correct and original except the ramrod, which is actually a golf tee, (but looks great!). ANTIQUE- no FFL needed $950.00 (View Picture)

17864 FRENCH/BELGIAN FLINTLOCK MILITARY PISTOL CIRCA 1800-1830 - This has the Belgian ELG in oval proof mark on the .69 caliber smoothbore barrel, eight inches long, along with a small crown over LF on the left flat. There is a poorly struck crown over E on the lockplate, similar to that used by several French arsenals. The basic design is typical of all European military pistols of the period, but has a swivel ring on the butt for a lanyard, and there are no provisions for a ramrod. These features suggest it may have been intended for use as an initial attack weapon with no intention to reload immediately, but follow up with hand to hand combat with a sword or cutlass- such as cavalry, naval use, or even coast guard/customs type groups. Although the precise identification is a bit murky, this is a handsome gun, in excellent condition. The brass butt cap, trigger guard and band have a mellow golden patina. The unsanded stock has a mellow old oiled patina, but there is a missing chip on the left side along the barrel channel. Left flat has an illegible oval cartouche of some sort. The barrel and lock are not rusted or pitted, but do have dried oil and crud and staining mixed with a dull steel gray. This would probably clean up with some steel wool and WD-40. Mechanically good, and in original flint, not a reconversion. Excellent bore. A handsome example of the classic military single shot flintlock pistol, albeit lacking specific identification. ANTIQUE- no FFL needed. $895.00 (View Picture)

Note that while these were made after 1898, special provisions in federal law exempt them from the normal post-1898 handgun FFL procedures, and they can be ordered just like an antique firearm, without need for a FFL so we are listing them here:

22747 U.S. WW2 37mm AN-M8 FLARE PISTOL - This was adopted in 1942 after development by the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company, for use by both the Air Force and the Navy. Besides Eureka, they were also made by McNery Spring & Wire Company, who made this one. These usually had an ordnance acceptance stamp on the butt of the grip and the serial numbers stamped on the backstrap (after the previously marked “Serial No.” stamping), but neither seem to be on this one, and do not appear to have been removed. The muzzle has four square lugs which could be inserted into an adaptor in the fuselage of an aircraft to fire the flare outside without having to open windows and stick an arm out. The double latch on the top has an upper latch which engages the mounting adaptor, and the lower one is for opening and locking the breech. Not designed for target use, these have about 10 pound trigger pull. Originally these were blued like this one, but about 80% of the ones we have seen have been parkerized which held up a lot better. This one has a large spot on the left and right sides of the barrel which got rusty and were cleaned, and then covered with some clear varnish. It would be easy to remove the varnish and touch up the blue if you want to do that. There are also spots of rust on the top flat and the corner of the trigger guard. Even so, this has about 80-85% original blue remaining, and is a lot nicer than all but a handful of this model we have encountered. Excellent bore. This was one of the most widely used U.S. flare guns of WW2, and remained in service until the 1990s. You may have seen movies where bombers returning from raids would use these to shoot off flares to indicate if they had any wounded aboard or other emergency situations. In flight they could convey orders by pre-arranged sequences of colors or types of flares, without breaking radio silence. Flare guns are exempt from the normal gun control procedures, but we insist that you order on our order form with signature certifying that you are not prohibited from purchase of a firearm and that there are no restrictions on purchase in your address. $175.00 (View Picture)

21712 GREAT REFERENCE BOOK!- FLARE GUNS & SIGNAL PISTOLS: THEIR USE, DESCRIPTION AND ACCESSORIES - By Robert M. Gaynor, 178 pages 8.5” x 11” soft covers. This book is the best single reference on this subject for collectors today. In fact, except for brief passage in obscure manuals, or discussion of a gun or two the scope of a more general work there is nothing conveniently available on this subject. Given the number of people who collect flare guns it is amazing that there is not more written on the subject. At this point, flare guns are still mostly modestly priced, and remain an attractive collecting field with few regulations and a good variety of items. Some 96 different Flare or Signal pistols are covered, with dimensions and some historical background and information on maker and the intended use. This is on the same page as a good sketch of the item. There is not much information on total numbers made or other indication of relative rarity, but it is a good starting point for further research. The drawing allow you easily identify your gun with the one in the book. There is a drawing and info for each of 37 U.S. flare and signal guns, ranging from Civil War Army and Navy models up to late 20th century commercial products. He also covers 11 British or Canadian designs, 9 French, 17 German, 4 Italian, 3 Japanese, 6 Russian/Eastern European designs, and 9 from other countries. Besides the guns Gaynor covers 29 holster or carrying kits, and 19 different types of cartridges, along with a 10 page table with more detailed info on cartridges. An excellent bibliography and good index complete this book. This is a very useful and accurately researched book on this specialized topic, which we use every time we encounter any flare or signal gun, and one that anyone interested in Flare or Signal guns needs in their library. $25.00 (View Picture)

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